Giving New Life to Old Things

Are you tired of your outdated furniture but not ready to take the plunge into buying new stuff? Well here is one example of what a little shuffling and repurposing can do to give you a whole new look and get you excited about your living space again.

This client had a living room layout that wasn't incredibly interesting and really did not reflect her personal style. I found an interesting antique chair and side table in the bedroom, some artwork and a pedestal stool in the office, and a bar chair in the kitchen. 

Look how bringing these elements together transform them into interesting and creative pieces of art. It's all about stacking, layering, and combining unexpected pieces. 

I placed the mid century lamp on the industrial bar stool, stacked the wooden frog on a modern drum side table to give it the same height as the chair arm, and placed a little plant, throw blanket and accent pillow to warm everything up and give it some freshness.

I also hung some drapes to soften the blinds, add character and tie it all together. Finally I stacked two pieces of art that normally wouldn't go together in an unexpected layout to add interest. These pieces come together and offer a creative and clever little corner seating area.