Elevating your health through design.


Does your home reflect who you really are? Do you wake up and feel a sense of serenity or chaos when you look around your place? Does your body feel invigorated or lethargic? And when you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see? Believe it or not, these things are related. Your home environment affects your mind and the choices you make for your health. From the moment you get out of bed you begin a dialogue with your living space. It influences your thoughts and affects your actions. 

Home|Body Design is a formula to assist you to live your best life. We assess your current living situation and wellness concerns. We take a holistic approach to transforming your life into the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilling and productive life you could ever imagine for yourself. 

We start off by organizing your space to be the most efficient and effective environment that supports your new healthy choices and mind set. Everything is strategically placed to add the greatest benefit to your new life.  

Once the organizational foundation is set, we consult with you about your design needs and desires. It is important for your home to reflect your personality and invigorate you! Colors are thoughtfully selected to enhance your newfound serenity and vigor. Your home's energy flow is considered and the Home|Body formula is applied to properly support the structure of your new life. We design and furnish your home to fit your aesthetic to develop your new identity that is in alignment with your ideal lifestyle. 

Next we discuss your health issues and fitness goals.  We address any physical ailments and mental blocks that have been created. We assess what your habits are around sleeping, eating, exercising, working, and relaxing. A customized design is then devised for you to optimize all of these essential activities.

Home|Body Design offers you a comprehensive plan of action that elevates your health to the next level.