I. COLOR: Different hues are chosen to impact mood, stimulate behavior, and support the desired environment.

II. STYLE: An aesthetic is created to connect client's personality to the space to form a style identity.

III. ORDER: All items in the space are assessed to organize and display only what is supportive and useful.

IV. VITALITY: Nature and the 5 senses are incorporated to connect us to the present, where life is full of possibility.

V. VISION: Visual cues of what the client wants to manifest in their life.



I. EAT: Everything in the kitchen is designed and strategically placed to optimize nutritional health.

II. SLEEP: The bedrooms are designed to support and optimize sleep.

III. EXERCISE: A space is planned to exercise or give visual cues to exercise at appropriate facilities.

IV. RETREAT: A space is designated purely for reflection, relaxation, and retreat.

V. CREATE: A space is designed solely for the client to work and optimize creativity.